Meet the 2019-2020 Pride Portland! Steering Committee


Sebastiane Sacerdoti-Ravenscroft (she/them)

An autistic raconteur with a dry sense of humour, Sebastiane was born in San Francisco but grew up in England. Now having recently relocated from London to Portland, they are excited to be a member of the Maine queer community. Having a strong background in project management, Sebastiane has worked in a variety of different fields, including non-profit, health, international business and charity work. They have also travelled and worked in Tokyo, Mumbai and Johannesburg. When not working, Sebastiane and their wife Justine, spends their free time working on their mental health podcast or exploring New England with their two rowdy shiba inus Skwisgaar and Gnocchi.



Jan Wilkinson (she/her)

An ally since at least the 80’s, Jan likes to use her organizational and bookkeeping skills for the greater good. In addition to Pride Portland, she volunteers with WMPG-FM (data entry / donor billing / donor database), and the Southern Maine Workers’ Center (data entry / onsite child care). On the home front, she is Trustee for her family’s Camp in Rangeley, reads a couple of novels a week, binge-watches TV series after they’ve been cancelled, snuggles her two cats, and engages in silly word-play with her spouse. Somehow, she also makes sure to find time each week for her 9-5 job.


Sara Cooper (she/her)

Sara is a California native who considers herself extremely lucky to now call Portland her home.  Passionate about giving back to her community, she has spent many years volunteering for organizations like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Models of Pride, Peoples’ Self-Help Housing, and now Pride Portland! 

When she’s not working or volunteering, Sara spends her time reading, creating, being in or near water, and learning from the amazing people she meets on a daily basis in Maine.

Sara lives in Portland with her partner Jesse and their unruly (but adorable) dog Mia.


Kelly Locke (she/her)
Parade Committee Team Lead

Kelly grew up in NH and has been volunteering since middle school. She relocated to the West Coast to serve with Americorps doing a variety of projects ranging from environmental conservation to education and community outreach. Wanting to continue to make a difference in the community she became involved in early childhood education in Seattle. She returned to New England to start a family and set roots again on the East Coast. She built and created her own unique preschool program that offers structure and learning opportunities, as well as a small and personal "family" environment that focuses on building confidence through teaching strong communication and conflict resolution skills. She is passionate about being a mom and her work with the future generations.


Justine Taylor-Ravenscroft (she/her)
Fundraising Committee Team Lead

Justine is a Maine native and longtime Portland resident with big love for our little city. She has worked across a variety of organizations including insurance, marketing, and nonprofit, and has always been involved in local charities. Justine is a student at the University of Southern Maine and is looking forward to starting her graduate degree next fall. When not in class, Justine can be found hunched over her laptop writing or adventuring around town with her wife, Sebastiane.


Yvette Alexandrou (she/her)
Volunteer & Membership Committee Team Lead

Yvette is a Maine native who recently moved down the coast to Portland. She has been enjoying exploring the local food scene and spends part of her free time volunteering on the board of Pride Portland! and the board of the Bath-Tsugaru Student Exchange Program. She is also passionate about studying abroad and cultural exchange and has spent time studying in France, England, and Japan.

Sadie Donnell
Accessibility Committee Team Lead

Outreach & Advisory Board Team Lead

Main Stage Committee Team Lead

Festival Committee Team Lead


Cybele Brandow (they/them)
Chair Emeritus

Cybele has been actively involved in queer community organization for more than ten years. They have lived and worked variously in Portland (Oregon), New York City, New Jersey, Tokyo, and Kyoto, with shorter stints in California's Bay Area, Seattle, Toronto, and Baltimore. They hope to bring their diverse experiences and the perspectives they have gained over the course of their adventures to-date back to Portland, the city in which they were born and raised. They are excited to help fight for a better, more inclusive, more historically aware and politically relevant Pride for all.