2019 Parade & Festival Registration
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what category to register in? Or How do we know what type of group to register as?

Festival registrations are broken down by qualifying non-profit status and by what type of activity you will be engaged in. Here is a short list of definitions:

Participant Category Descriptions

  • Large Business: a business, corporation, or for-profit organization with an annual revenue over $500,000

  • Small Business: a business, corporation, or for-profit organization with an annual of $500,000 or less

  • Political Organization: any entity including but not limited to a political party, candidate for public office, ballot question committee, or political action committee (PAC)

  • Non-Profit Organization: any entity holding a 501(c) status according to the IRS (including but not limited to 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), religious group, government agency or municipality, or educational institution) with an annual budget

  • Solidarity Group: reserved for grassroots organizations that are not officially registered as a non-profit organization, all student groups (you will need to submit a letter from your institution indicating your status as a student group) and military groups

Additional Parade Descriptions

  • Walking Group: any group of people totaling 1-100 participants

  • Vehicle: any standard sized car or truck (if you require a vehicle for mobility issues, please register as a walking group and provide vehicle information in the parade description box)

  • Float: any vehicle longer than 20 feet or towing a trailer

Additional Festival Descriptions

  • Merchant: any business or organization selling any goods or services (including but not limited to artwork, clothes, crafts, jewelry, personal care products, bumper stickers, and/or pins or buttons) which required a Street Vendor License from the City of Portland

  • Non-Merchant: any business or organization not selling anything at the festival

What is the registration deadline? Will late registrations be accepted? Can I register on the day of the event?

All registrations must be received by May 31st, 2019, to avoid a late entry charge. Registrations received after May 31th but before June 7th will be assessed a late entry charge of $25.00 per registration. No registrations will be accepted after June 7th. Registrations are not allowed on the day of the event.

How many tables and chairs come with my festival registration?

A  During registration, you may select the free option of one table (8 feet long x 30 inches deep) and two folding chairs. You may order additional tables and chairs as part of your registration as well. We have you select the option because some vendors bring their own tables or alternate setups.

Where does the money from registration fees and Pride Portland! donations go?

Bringing the Parade and Festival to life every year is expensive. Our expenses include but are not limited to: supplies, equipment rental, insurance, security, permit fees, leased space, entertainment, and marketing. In addition, we produce other events which are free to attend, but cost the organization money to produce.

Where will we appear in the Parade?

We have many factors to balance in making this decision including tradition, special needs groups such as families with small children, seniors, and people with disabilities, avoiding conflicting sound systems, previous year placements, and more. You will be notified of your street and number no later than three days prior. Please plan ahead to be there at 11:00 or no later than 12:15.

How long is the Parade?

Last year, we began step-off at noon and the last group reached the festival at approximately 1:30. This year the Parade will step off at 1:00 and can expect to reach the Festival at approximately 2:30.

How long will our group have to wait in the staging/formation area?

That depends on where you are placed in the Parade order. Based on past experiences, it could be anywhere from 2-3 hours before your group officially enters the Parade. We encourage you to plan ahead for food, water, sunscreen, and other necessities.

What do I do if, after registration, we decided to change our plans (e.g. adding extra chairs at the festival, adding a vehicle or more marchers than anticipated to parade group, etc.)?

You can update your group information until May 31st by contacting festival@prideportland.org or parade@prideportland.org.

Can I bring a pet?

Pets are allowed in Deering Oaks Park in a crate or on leash (max 25’).

I want to sell items at my vending table. What permit do I need?

All merchant vendors must have a license through the City of Portland. A one-day Street Good Vendors Permit may be obtained through Pride Portland! for vendors who do not already have a license. This cost is included in merchant vendor registration, where the option must be selected during registration. Vendors who already have a license are expected to provide a copy of their existing license.

What accommodations are available for handicapped people to participate in the parade?

We will waive the vehicle fee if the primary use of the vehicle is for transporting seniors or people with disabilities. We provide ASL interpreters. Please contact parade@prideportland.org to request accommodation or with additional questions.

What accommodations are available for handicapped people to participate in the festival?

We are able to assign more accessible vending locations to groups with handicap considerations. This information is collected on the registration form. Please contact festival@prideportland.org to request accommodation or with additional questions.