2019 Parade & Festival Registration
Fee Tables

parade fees.PNG
festival fees.PNG

Participant Category Descriptions

  • Large Business: a business, corporation, or for-profit organization with an annual revenue over $500,000

  • Small Business: a business, corporation, or for-profit organization with an annual of $500,000 or less

  • Political Organization: any entity including but not limited to a political party, candidate for public office, ballot question committee, or political action committee (PAC)

  • Non-Profit Organization: any entity holding a 501(c) status according to the IRS (including but not limited to 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), religious group, government agency or municipality, or educational institution) with an annual budget

  • Solidarity Group: reserved for grassroots organizations that are not officially registered as a non-profit organization, all student groups (you will need to submit a letter from your institution indicating your status as a student group) and military groups

Additional Parade Descriptions

  • Walking Group: any group of people totaling 1-100 participants

  • Vehicle: any standard sized car or truck (if you require a vehicle for mobility issues, please register as a walking group and provide vehicle information in the parade description box)

  • Float: any vehicle longer than 20 feet or towing a trailer

Additional Festival Descriptions

  • Merchant: any business or organization selling any goods or services (including but not limited to artwork, clothes, crafts, jewelry, personal care products, bumper stickers, and/or pins or buttons) which required a Street Vendor License from the City of Portland

  • Non-Merchant: any business or organization not selling anything at the festival