Pride portland! Steering Committee

Our Team

The Steering Committee typically meets on the third Wednesday evening of each month at 7pm at the Equality Community Center at 511 Congress St. in Portland. To contact the Steering Committee, please email us at

Co-chairs: Charlie Johnson, Michelle Patrick
Treasurer: Sandy Ward
Secretary: Dana Sincyr
Events Team Lead Chair: Tim LaBerge
Festival Team Lead Chair: Allison Novak
Fundraising Team Lead Chair: Charity West
Marketing Team Lead Chair: David Sullivan
Parade Team Lead Chair: Victoria Kuhn
Volunteer Lead Chair: Jared McCannell
At-Large: Rich Beaudoin, Woody Higgins, Stacia Saniuk-Gove, Jeffrey Yorio
Fiscal Sponsor Liaison: Matt Moonen

Work Team Co-Chairs

Events: Stacia Saniuk-Gove
Festival: Daniel Sipe
Parade: Mike Sweeney
Marketing: Jeffrey Yorio