• The Vice-Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson in performing the latter’s duties and responsibilities.

  • The Vice-Chairperson shall serve as acting Chairperson when the Chairperson is absent or otherwise unable to perform the duties of the office until the Chairperson resumes carrying out their normal duties or a new Chairperson has been elected and appointed by the Board of Directors.

Committee Leads For:


  • Point of contact for all festival related matters

  • Work with the Board of Directors to secure festival permits

  • Work with the Board of Directors and Parade Committee, and the City of Portland on parade/festival related matters

  • Oversee festival registration process

  • Organize the festival grounds

  • Organize festival table layout

  • Work with Steering Committee to select food trucks and food vendors

  • Organize food truck position in the park

  • Work with Board of Directors on negotiating vendor and festival related contracts

  • Work with Outreach and Advisory Committee Lead to ensure Advisory Boards are represented at the festival

  • Advise Board of Directors on festival related partnerships, contracts, or other business related matters

  • Organize festival volunteers

  • Keep records of festival volunteers for membership purposes


  • Point of contact for all community lead events

  • Organizes all events not related to fundraising, membership, or outreach

  • Work with Fundraising, Membership, and/or Advisory & Outreach Committees on events

  • Manages the events community calendar

  • Maintains and certifies a list of events related volunteers.

  • Organize event volunteers

  • Keep records of event volunteers for membership purposes


  • Chairs the Advisory Committee

  • Acts as the point of contact for all Advisory Board Leads

  • Helps advisory boards to organize their meetings and events

  • Manages Pride Portland’s outreach presence at community events, including assigning committee members or volunteers to represent Pride!

  • Works with the Steering Committee to identify awareness days/events and then creates and maintains a calendar of awareness or community related events that Pride will be represented at in.

  • Works with the Steering Committee on outreach or educational events (e.g. Black History Month, HIV Awareness Days, National Women’s day etc.)

  • Chairs the launch party sub-committee

  • Maintains and certifies a list of outreach and advisory related volunteers.

  • Maintain advisory board rolls for membership purposes


  • Reviews accessibility complains or requests and communicates them to the Steering Committee

  • Attends meetings or communicates with all committees to ensure events are accessible to all.

  • Is the point of contact for all accessibility related staff and volunteers

  • Maintains and certifies a list of accessibility related volunteers.

  • Organize accessibility volunteers

  • Keep records of accessibility volunteers for membership purposes


  • Responsible for talent search for performers (both local and otherwise)

  • Creates a performance schedule

  • Stage manages or appoints a stage manager for the show

  • Ensures performers have everything they need

  • Organizes the main stage green room/dressing room

  • Manages set up/break down of performance

  • Works with the Board of Directors to secure main stage permits

  • Work with the Board of Directors, Festival and Parade Committees, and the City of Portland on main stage related matters

  • Organize main stage volunteers

  • Keep records of main stage volunteers for membership purposes

MEMBERSHIP & Volunteer

  • Acts as a Pride evangelist to membership and recruit new members

  • Helps connect members and new volunteers with appropriate volunteer opportunities within Pride

  • Oversees the production of a quarterly news letter for the members and online distribution

  • Organizes small, local member events

  • Works with the Advisory and Outreach Committee lead