The Pride Portland! Festival, immediately following the Pride Parade, continues the spirit of the day with entertainment and community.

Held in the scenic setting of Deering Oaks Park, the Festival is a unique blend of local talent, food, a beer garden, children’s activities, marketplace, and more.

People of all ages gather to celebrate and support harmony, persistence, and Pride.


Registration for the 2017 festival is now closed.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday, June 17th!


festival details:

Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 1:00pm

Deering Oaks Park, Park Ave, Portland

Join us as we celebrate Pride Portland! 2017

Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm

This year's Festival includes

  • Main Stage featuring a full schedule of local talent

  • A Beer Garden (hours 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm)

  • A Family Center with activities for children and family

  • A Food Court featuring Portland's food trucks and restaurants

  • A Vendor Marketplace featuring over 50 LGBTQIA friendly business and organizations

Main Stage Performers: TBA

Beer Garden from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, DJ TBA
Special thanks to the beer garden sponsor, State Theatre.

ASL interpreter on the main stage.

Admission: FREE



2017 Festival Rules

Pride Portland! is a celebration of Portland’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and allied community. Our goal is to bring people together to celebrate the achievements of the  LGBTQA movement, remember our history and raise awareness of the work that still needs to  be done. Fostering and honoring inclusivity, diversity and unity, Pride Portland! builds stronger  connections amongst individuals, organizations and businesses. Pride Portland! respects everyone’s  right to express themselves as they choose.

All vendors agree to the following rules and regulations and will ensure their staff, contracts, volunteers and others associated with your vendor area will adhere to all rules and regulations of the Pride Portland! Festival.

Vendor Rules

  1. Festival Vendors must submit a completed registration with the appropriate fee(s).  

  2. Festival set up begins at 10:00 A.M. All Vendors must check in by 12:30 P.M.

  3. The Festival will begin around 1 P.M., on the third Saturday in June as Parade participants arrive.

  4. As it is impossible to anticipate every situation that may arise, any conduct that violates statute of the State of Maine or the City of Portland will not be tolerated. Any company, organization or individual violating these statues will not be allowed to participate in the Pride Festival.

  5. Vendors are responsible for the set-up and breakdown of their own area in a timely and orderly manner.

  6. Vendors must cooperate with each other and respect the integrity of Deering Oaks Park while transporting in and removing their wares and equipment.

  7. Vendor's location will be at the discretion of Pride Portland! Festival Committee Co- Chairs.

  8. Vendors will be assigned location and areas by specific layout and design of the Pride Festival. The Pride Portland! Festival Committee reserves the right to relocate a Vendor based on conflict of goods and/or misrepresentation on the registration.

  9. All Vendors are responsible for clean up of any trash or refuse in the immediate vicinity or their vendor location or associated with their vendor activities. Any Vendor not in compliance may be subject to additional clean-up costs or fees.

Entry Requirements

  1. All vendors must submit a completed registration. Contact information for the company, organization and individual submitting the registration must be complete or it may delay the entry process.

  2. The correct fee(s) must be included with the registration, including fees past due.

  3. Fees are quoted per unit. Companies, organizations or individuals may sponsor entries with multiple units, but a separate fee will be assessed for each unit. Units not covered by fees paid will not be allowed to conduct vendor activities and may jeopardize participation by the entry.

  4. Any food Vendor selling perishable goods (including but not limited to eggs, meats, mayonnaise, etc.) must provide an insurance certificate naming Pride Portland! and the City of Portland as additional insured for the day of the Festival.

Festival Image

  1. It is the stated purpose of Pride Portland! Festival to promote a positive image of the GLBTQIA community.

  2. The Pride Portland! Festival Committee requires all vendors and participants should show respect for all genders, ages, races, cultures, faiths, and sexual orientations. Please refrain from actions that would demean any segment of our community.  Failure to comply will result in ejection from the Pride Portland! Festival without a refund.

Dress Code

  1. Pride Portland! encourages all vendors and participants to appear in appropriate and suitable costumes that celebrate Pride. Unity is always the object of the Pride Festival and no entry, presentation or display that is demeaning to any sector of the community will be allowed or tolerated.

  2. Costumes and other apparel worn at the Festival must comply with any Obscenity Statutes of the State of Maine and/or any public decency ordinances of the City of Portland.

  3. Pride Portland! does not regulate or censor dress or behavior. However, the City of Portland does.

  4. The Pride Portland! Festival Committee or the Pride Portland! Steering Committee may make a decision as to the propriety of attire worn at the Pride festival.

Conduct of Participants

  1. All participants at the Pride Portland! Festival are to conduct themselves in a manner as to promote Pride in the GLBTQIA community. No vendor or participant may use profanity, obscene gestures, or other improper conduct toward another vendor, participant or any spectator at the Pride Portland! Festival.

  2. Sexual paraphernalia, genital or phallic representations, real or simulated sexual acts are prohibited.

  3. Finally as we are here to celebrate the diversity of our community, we encourage social interaction among participants. Pride Portland! wants the Pride Portland! Festival to be a fun and educational experience for everyone. As we are creating this event together, we expect all participants to treat each other with respect and good manners. Inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. In the event of behavior deemed disrespectful or inappropriate, a Pride Portland! Festival Committee member, volunteer and Pride Portland! Steering Committee member to the scene, who will then determine appropriate action.

  4. Pride Portland! Steering Committee, its duly authorized representatives and assigns have the right to remove any company, organization or individual that refuses to abide by the provisions.

  5. There is no smoking of any kind allowed in the City of Portland Parks.

Personal Safety

  1. All persons participating in the Pride Portland! Festival are to be cautious of weather related hazards, such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Please be aware of the hazards associated with participating in the Festival. Pride Portland! does not assume responsibility for the health and well being of any participants.

  2. All vendors with open flames or displays with motorized, illuminated, or electronic components should have a (type ABC) fire extinguisher and vendors that do not have one by the start of the Festival may not be allowed to participate in the Festival.

Festival Grounds

  1. Vendors are expected to respect the nature and beauty of Deering Oaks Park.
  1. No vehicle may leave the pavement within the park for any reason without the explicit permission from the Pride Portland! Steering Committee or the Pride Portland! Festival Co-Chair. Written and/or verbal permission must be obtained each time it is necessary to leave the pavement within the park.

  2. Vendors must be conscious of the fact the Farmers market will be in operation the morning of the Festival and courtesy and respect will be expected.

  3. Vendors may not attach anything to trees, light posts, fences or any other structures (natural or man made) within the boundaries of Deering Oaks Park

  4. Vehicle parking areas will be assigned and strictly enforced with no exceptions.

  5. No stakes or any other device or item may pierce the ground within the park in any way.

  6. Pride Portland! is able to use Deering Oaks Park for the Pride Portland! Festival with the blessing of “The Friends Of Deering Oaks”. Any damage to the Park could jeopardize usage of the Park for future events. Therefore any action that could damage the Park, or offend the sensibilities of “The Friends Of Deering Oaks”, will result in the immediate removal of any vendor and could affect the vendor’s future participation in any Pride Portland! events.

Item Distribution During The Festival

  1. Vendors planning to distribute items or materials should indicate this on their vendor registration. Pride Portland! and the Pride Portland! Festival reserves the right to deny distribution or sale of any item at their discretion.

  2. Any vendor discovered distributing items and/or materials not approved by Pride Portland! or the Pride Portland! Festival or included on an approved vendor registration may be removed or assessed additional clean-up costs and probation from future events.

  3. Condoms should not be distributed to any person under the age of 17 years. No sexually explicit or sexually suggestive material may be distributed by any vendor or Festival participants.

  4. Items or materials distributed must have some intrinsic value, providing enticement to be kept, rather than thrown away or tossed to the ground.

Licensing and Insurances

Vendors are responsible for obtaining all necessary insurances as required for vending and food services, in the state of Maine. One-day licensing permits are required by the City of Portland and will be issued the morning of the Festival. These permits are mandatory regardless of permits you may hold and Pride Portland! is required to have them issued for any type of vending. Your registration fee includes the cost of this one day permit. Proof of insurance(s) may be required of any Vendor in regards to their vending. Pride Portland! reserves the right to require a vendor to list Pride Portland! as secondary insured for an amount no less than $1 million dollars. Failure to obtain, and have in possession, any necessary licenses, permits or proof of insurance(s) will result in the immediate removal of any vendor and could affect the vendor’s future participation in any Pride events.

Alcohol, Illegal Substances, Medication

  1. No vendor or participant in the Pride Portland! will be permitted to consume alcohol or use illegally controlled substances before or during the Pride Portland! Festival  nor at any vendor area, assembly or disbanding site. Alcohol may only be consumed in the Beer Garden section of the Pride Portland! Festival. No outside alcohol may be brought into the Beer Garden.

  2. Those under any influence will not be allowed to participate in the Pride Portland! Festival and will be deemed a spectator by Pride Portland! and made responsible for their own actions until removed.

  3. Vendors and participants adversely affected or incoherent from medication will also be removed from the Pride Portland! Festival area.

  4. Any vendor or participant violating these rules will be withdrawn from the Pride Portland! Festival and will be asked to remove their entry from the area.

Rain Out Policy

  1. The Pride Portland! Festival Committee and Pride Portland Steering Committee reserve the right to cancel the Pride Portland! Festival due to weather or a weather prediction.  If the Pride Portland! Festival is cancelled due to weather an announcement will be made on the Friday immediately before the festival date.

  2. Registration fees will not be refunded under any circumstance.

Rule Enforcement and Appeal

  1. The above rules and regulations are subject to the interpretation of the Pride Portland! Festival Committee and will be enforced by Pride Portland! Steering Committee and its agents.

  2. Appeal of any decision or interpretation of these rules may be made through the Pride Portland! Festival Committee who will evaluate the request and submit a recommendation to the Pride Portland! Festival Committee Co-Chairs.

  3. Only members of Pride Portland! Steering Committee are authorized to appeal, reinterpret or make exception to the above rules or defined procedures.

  4. The Pride Portland! Steering Committee has the right to remove any vendor, company, organization or individual for non-compliance of these rules.

  5. Any vendor, company, organization or individual removed for non-compliance of these rules shall forfeit any and all fees associated with Festival participation and may affect same day event participation.

  6. Pride Portland! retains the right to assess additional repair or clean-up costs to any participant causing damage, generating excessive litter or abandoning refuse.

  7. Pride Portland! reserves the right to refuse any registration.

Changes to the Rules and Regulations

All Rules and Regulations are subject to change without notice. In this event, the most current Rules and Regulations will be posted via the Pride Portland! website and general notification will be made within 48 hours of said changes.